Skull Man Progress 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Starting to work in some color/form now… I think I’ve decided to go with a little bit more of a painterly style, but with a very restricted color palette.



Skull Man Progress 2

Part 1

Part 2

The line work is finally just about done! It’s been a while since I did anything so textural, so doing his guy’s hair and beard was pretty fun. The next step will be the smoke, then color… I’m still not sure how I want to color it. Either something flat and stark, or maybe more painterly… I’ll figure it out as I go.


This guy’s got one helluvah jaw.

Skull Man Progress

Just about half way through inking that sketch from yesterday. After I get his neck and shoulders done, I still have to adjust the lines of his face a bit more, then his hair and beard, and then finish up the smoke lines.


That blue line down the middle of his face is a just a ruler marker that I’m using to keep my center line straight.

Skull Man

Something I worked up real quick in between work today. I was going in a very different direction when I started sketching, but I like how it’s turning out. I think I may ink him tomorrow!


I always try to give myself at least a day in between sketching and inking… After a few hours away, it’s a lot easier to pick out all those mistakes that were hard to see with my nose glued to the screen.