Fanart aRTD

A Redtail’s Dream. Gorgeous webcomic with a beautiful story! The author/artist is just finishing up her Indiegogo Campaign for the entire comic contained in a single hard cover volume as well as a fanart contest, and I couldn’t resist.



Cricket – Kirkpatrick Family Crest

So we had this funny looking little dog




So Bromantic

This is Charlie, a Jack Russel Terrier, and Bruno, a Pugle (pug/beagle mix), and they are best buds. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re pretty in love with each other.


I sketched this of the two of them hanging out together a while back when I was still working at the Doggy Daycare. Here’s another sketch I did of one of the dogs while I was working there. I’ll have to dig through my old sketchbook from then and post some of the others. I did a ton of sketches of all the dogs. I got to see many of them on a daily basis while I worked there, and after spending 5-8 hours with the same dogs every day for months, it’s hard not to start thinking of them as your own in a way. I got pretty attached!


Pitty Kiss

Here is the dog version of the two images I did to help promote an animal assist program. (Here’s the cat version for all you cat people out there!)

It’s loosely based off of a photograph that I found in a google image search a long time back… but I’ve never been able to find the photographer’s name or location to link back to them =/
I chose Pit Bulls for this image not just because they have the BIGGEST smiles in the world, but also specifically because of the stigma that has surrounded them these past few years.


Dog-cat-house-sitting not too long ago and this little girl snuggled up and kept me company all night =)

I’ve known a few handicapped dogs, and it’s always amazing how little it seems to impact them. Her right front leg looks like a funny little chicken-wing, but she just rolls with it.