More People-Watching

Here are a couple sketches from a party I was at a while back of the guys providing the music.

Somewhere in my old pile of sketchbooks and papers I have an old spiral notebook that I had with me the day I went to an amusement park with some friends. I was feeling a little queasy after three roller coasters so I sat down in the shade and completely filled the notebook with sketches of all the people at the park, and I couldn’t have had more fun =)

(I had a little trouble with my post not showing up on the main page yesterday… hopefully today it’ll work, but if it doesn’t I’m sorry ahead of time for any double-posting!)


Adventure Hat

A recent image I whipped up in between commission work. When I’m working on commissioned images I have to work on small projects of my own in between or my motivation and creative juices tend to fly right out the window.together…

So this one is actually based off of a photo of my sister taken by the amazingly talented photographer Nikhol EsterĂ¡s. Go check out her WordPress, you won’t be disappointed!

I LOVE hair.

More then just about anything, I love to draw hair. There’s just something so fascinating and delicate about the way hair moves and forms, it’s a lot like drawing water but with stronger lines.

While I like parts of this image, unfortunately sometimes I work on images for too long. I nit pick and fiddle around so much that the idea behind it eventually just deteriorates and there’s no saving it. It’s a lot like saying a word so often it just becomes a sound… spoonspoonspoonspoonspoon ssspoooon.


Side note – I also love the movie “Hair”… but for completely different reasons.

Spirit Animal (rough sketch)

I like to watch lots of weird blogs and lists that post images of random… oddness, and one of the ones I watch is the Carnies and Geeks Tumblr. They post some majorly weird stuff sometimes, but it’s always interesting. A while back they posted an image of a woman with a bird’s head costume and it was such a cool concept I had to sketch this out.

It’s super rough and the wings look wonky, but the finished version will have her hair and skin turning into the feathers of a raven. Eventually I want to do a whole series of people turning into their Spirit Animals… I’m thinking wolf, bear and dear. Maybe a seal? Selkies are very cool creatures and I don’t see nearly enough of them around.

Portrait (complete version)

Here’s the completed version of the image of the last(first?) post. I was browsing through an awesome Portraits website when I got inspired by several of the images, especially the profiles. Here’s the link, check it out: