SunRise ver. 3

And the third and final version of SunRise! (SunRise version 1, SunRise version 2) I did all three of these versions as completed, stand alone images, to show the different price points that I offer for illustrations and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. It was actually a lot more difficult then I expected it would be, to have to design three different levels of detail and compositions for one image…! I started by drawing and inking the main image of the woman, since that would be the same through all three images, then I went straight to the third, most detailed image and began working in the background. When I was happy with the results of the third image, I began taking it apart to less detailed levels, and putting that into the first and second images… Then I had to balance them all so that they not only showed the different levels of detail, but so they actually worked on their own and didn’t just look unfinished.

So if you’d like to see all three on the same page (so it’s easier to see the difference between them) you should check out the “Illustration” page under my Prices section. With this illustration done, my Prices Page is finally completed (for the most part…) and just in time for the convention in Chicago this weekend! I leave the day after tomorrow so today I’m buckling down and getting all my printing and last minute work done. Yikes, I still have so much to do…!!  (“_”; ) ( ;”_”)


SunRise ver. 2

Here’s the second version of SunRise. It has a background now and a lot more detailing. In the original sketch she was actually stringing a bow, using her feet to balance it, but I liked the way her hands turned out so much that the bow didn’t seem necessary. That, and it threw the composition way off, no matter how I drew it.

Like I said before when I posted the first version, this is nothing at all like I imaged it would be when I was first sketching it. It’s really interesting how all the little tweaks and changes somehow ended up with this.

Tomorrow I’ll post the final version with all of the full details!

SunRise ver. 1

I started a sketch several months ago that never really got very far. I got tired of it quickly and put it aside until a few days ago. I needed to do an illustration that could show the three different “tiers” of price points that I offer, so I went digging around in my computer for old ideas and sketches, and I found the sketch. Except for the general pose of the body, almost everything about this image is completely different then I had originally imaged while sketching. I had to change a lot around to make it work for the three tier process, but I’m glad I did. It was going to be something pretty generic at first, and this is way cooler.

I’ll post the next two tiers tomorrow and the day after (once I’ve tweaked them a bit more), and then I’ll post them up on the Prices page to finish that off =)

Owl Necklace Collaboration

I was talking to one of my best friends several years ago, about doing a collaboration piece for an upcoming convention where we’d both be selling. She is an amazingly talented jeweler and textile artist and I had always wanted to find a way to combine our skills somehow. It was a little bit of a challenge considering how different our mediums are… but two pieces of pie and three pots of coffee later we had sketched up a very cool idea. My part was five small connecting watercolor paintings of an owl, which I then gave to my friend. She somehow (I have no idea how she does what she does!) turned them into a necklace using beautiful delicate woven silver with teeny tiny little red beads for accents, to match the accents in the painting.

The necklace sold right away, so it was definitely a success. Neither of us have been able to do any collaborations since, but I can’t wait for our next one =)

Japan Trip Day 1 Part 2

It’s already 8 in the morning! So instead of a long explanation of how I got here yesterday, I’ll be brief:

-The flight was 12 hours and not bad at all.

-The train trip from Narita to the hotel was…. LONG, but I was lucky enough to run into two very nice and very funny people heading in the same direction.

-The hotel room is teeny tiny, but comfy.

-My poor friend won’t be here until this afternoon since she missed her connection yesterday…

– I’m still not sure what to do while I wait fer her to get here! But like I said, it’s already 8am, time to head out.


Here’s how I kept myself busy on the flight. My sister is dressing up as a woman transforming into an Alebrije for Halloween (BEST costume idea ever!) and I was super inspired. When I get back I plan on making this into a painting.

My itty bitty hotel room (it’s a lot nicer during the day when you can see the nice view out the window!)

And my breakfast! =)


So each year I choose several conventions to attend and it’s getting to be about that time again.

Conventions are great! No matter what the theme or source material they are always so much fun, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a few niche conventions that have an especially welcoming and art-centric fan base; they’re called Anthropomorphic conventions (also Anthro or Furry) and while I won’t go into detail on them (at least in this post), I can briefly say that they are generally not at all what media portrays them as and the fan base around them is really wonderful for a beginning artist. In fact, it was one of these conventions that I somehow stumbled into that really launched my career as an artist.

So now it’s that time of year again when I need to start making arrangements for the next year’s conventions and it’s a HUGE undertaking! I want to be able to make it to as many conventions as possible each year, but each one falls on a different weekend, in a different city, with different amounts of people (and potential profits), with different lodging and registration options. Not only that, but some of the larger conventions can be extremely competitive to get into as a Dealer so timing becomes a factor when sending in applications. Oh and then there’s the upfront costs of plane tickets. Yeeesh.

Despite all that and because of my lack of conventioning this year, my 2013 goal is to make it to more conventions then any other year, and to really branch out as well. I’ll be focusing on the West coast of the U.S. since that will be easiest for me to get to… but just researching new conventions/festivals/fairs/artshows sometimes feels like jumping in the deep-end without my floaties on.

Speaking of these conventions, here’s an image of a Kangaroo Demon that I sold as prints. It was basically digital inking practice, so here are the lines as well. (you’ll have to click on them to see any of the detail)

More Hair

I mentioned I really really like hair…

Another one out of my sketchbook. I think I did this around the same time that I was doing those large portraits, because I definitely used the same .005 microns that I was using then to get those teeny tiny hair wispies.

Spirit Animal (rough sketch)

I like to watch lots of weird blogs and lists that post images of random… oddness, and one of the ones I watch is the Carnies and Geeks Tumblr. They post some majorly weird stuff sometimes, but it’s always interesting. A while back they posted an image of a woman with a bird’s head costume and it was such a cool concept I had to sketch this out.

It’s super rough and the wings look wonky, but the finished version will have her hair and skin turning into the feathers of a raven. Eventually I want to do a whole series of people turning into their Spirit Animals… I’m thinking wolf, bear and dear. Maybe a seal? Selkies are very cool creatures and I don’t see nearly enough of them around.

Man vs. Satyr

Okay, this was a more recent commission and SO fun. This guy sent me a few pictures of himself and gave me no other instructions other than to make him into a Satyr.

The expression was pretty easy to pin down since he was smiling the same in each picture, and in this pic in particular I loved his costume so I went with it.


(Thanks for letting me use your pics Dave!)

Damn Pea.

I always loved the Princess and the Pea! My favorite version was the Janet Stevens one, where all of the characters were animals. This was drawn and inked by hand, then scanned and the textures and colors were added digitally. All of the textures are from origami papers that I found.