SunRise ver. 2

Here’s the second version of SunRise. It has a background now and a lot more detailing. In the original sketch she was actually stringing a bow, using her feet to balance it, but I liked the way her hands turned out so much that the bow didn’t seem necessary. That, and it threw the composition way off, no matter how I drew it.

Like I said before when I posted the first version, this is nothing at all like I imaged it would be when I was first sketching it. It’s really interesting how all the little tweaks and changes somehow ended up with this.

Tomorrow I’ll post the final version with all of the full details!


SunRise ver. 1

I started a sketch several months ago that never really got very far. I got tired of it quickly and put it aside until a few days ago. I needed to do an illustration that could show the three different “tiers” of price points that I offer, so I went digging around in my computer for old ideas and sketches, and I found the sketch. Except for the general pose of the body, almost everything about this image is completely different then I had originally imaged while sketching. I had to change a lot around to make it work for the three tier process, but I’m glad I did. It was going to be something pretty generic at first, and this is way cooler.

I’ll post the next two tiers tomorrow and the day after (once I’ve tweaked them a bit more), and then I’ll post them up on the Prices page to finish that off =)


So each year I choose several conventions to attend and it’s getting to be about that time again.

Conventions are great! No matter what the theme or source material they are always so much fun, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a few niche conventions that have an especially welcoming and art-centric fan base; they’re called Anthropomorphic conventions (also Anthro or Furry) and while I won’t go into detail on them (at least in this post), I can briefly say that they are generally not at all what media portrays them as and the fan base around them is really wonderful for a beginning artist. In fact, it was one of these conventions that I somehow stumbled into that really launched my career as an artist.

So now it’s that time of year again when I need to start making arrangements for the next year’s conventions and it’s a HUGE undertaking! I want to be able to make it to as many conventions as possible each year, but each one falls on a different weekend, in a different city, with different amounts of people (and potential profits), with different lodging and registration options. Not only that, but some of the larger conventions can be extremely competitive to get into as a Dealer so timing becomes a factor when sending in applications. Oh and then there’s the upfront costs of plane tickets. Yeeesh.

Despite all that and because of my lack of conventioning this year, my 2013 goal is to make it to more conventions then any other year, and to really branch out as well. I’ll be focusing on the West coast of the U.S. since that will be easiest for me to get to… but just researching new conventions/festivals/fairs/artshows sometimes feels like jumping in the deep-end without my floaties on.

Speaking of these conventions, here’s an image of a Kangaroo Demon that I sold as prints. It was basically digital inking practice, so here are the lines as well. (you’ll have to click on them to see any of the detail)

Digital Sketching

Here’s a little something I’m working on right now.

It’s just a liiiiiitle bit rough still. My sketches are usually super rough and sketchy when I know they’re going to be inked or colored, especially digital sketches like this one. That’s one of the best parts of sketching digitally though; the ability to sketch super rough, then use layers and adjust opacity to still be able to tell what’s going on in the sketchiness.

To be honest though, my style changes a little when I sketch digitally. Because of the way I use my tablet, my style translate a little differently which I don’t always like. I’ve definitely noticed that my pencil or pen sketches are always fresher, and not so sloppy. That’s just a matter of improving my tablet skills though =/

Genie Girls

This little series was inspired by some of the very cute artwork of Girls Drawin’ Girls.

This was actually a little bit of a style experiment too, especially in the expressions and proportions. I try to be expressive in my drawings, but a lot of the time, for some reason, I think I tend to I reign the faces in, or I find myself using the same expressions/faces over and over again!

Just before I did these I had also been browsing Living Lines Library and WOW I can spend hours on there going through sketches and concept artwork from just about any animated movie you can think of. It’s really fascinating seeing the early ideas for movies that we all know so well, and the character work really inspired me to work on stretching my own style a bit more.

I also used three friends of mine as a little inspiration for these =)


I have trouble naming images sometimes, especially digital sketches that aren’t necessarily going to be finished. This one was eloquently titled “fghjjjgh”.

I found a few others tucked away with titles like “kjjduuuuudjkf” and “haaaaaair”. To solve this problem, I used to titled pieces after after the movies that I watched while drawing them, splicing together the titles, but then I got names like “SecondhandBooty” and “SpiderBalls”…

Now I’ve settled on not being so lazy and using descriptives to name pieces, even if it’s just “TurtleneckLadysketch” or “ScarfyDude”. I’m still working on it…

Adventure Hat

A recent image I whipped up in between commission work. When I’m working on commissioned images I have to work on small projects of my own in between or my motivation and creative juices tend to fly right out the window.together…

So this one is actually based off of a photo of my sister taken by the amazingly talented photographer Nikhol Esterás. Go check out her WordPress, you won’t be disappointed!

Beach Sketching

I have this habit of sketching people wherever I go. Usually I’m pretty good at hiding it, but every once in a while I get caught staring at somebody, or someone notices my drawings and it can be a little awkward. Especially when they want to see what I’m doing…! I don’t sketch people “pretty”, or at least I never make any real effort to, so they’re often disappointed (sometimes even offended!) by what they see. So I’ve become pretty good at lurking…

Hahaha I loved this sketch… she looks like a drunken passenger on a magic carpet. I should put some stars around her and give her Jasmine’s harem pants.

This was a father taking his daughter out into the water for a closer look at some of the boats tied up just off shore. The beach in this area drops of so steeply that even fairly large passenger boats can anchor very close to the beach.

Palm trees on the shore.

More Hair

I mentioned I really really like hair…

Another one out of my sketchbook. I think I did this around the same time that I was doing those large portraits, because I definitely used the same .005 microns that I was using then to get those teeny tiny hair wispies.

Pen Work – Wunmi Fadipe

My favorite medium is pen. When I sketch with pencil I tend to erase and nit-picked and tweak constantly. A professor of mine noticed and mentioned how much it slowed me down and made my lines too stiff and unnatural, and he gave me an assignment: sketch 3-4 times a day, everyday for one week, and only use pen. I immediately noticed a difference in not only the speed of my sketches, but also the style and quality. I enjoyed the assignment so much that even now almost all of my sketches are in pen. I also went a step further and created a penned portrait series of 4 as my final work from that class. Here’s one of them

The original is about 3ft x 4ft and is based on photography by Andres Serrano. (Careful browsing through his work, he can be graphic/disturbing. Definitely NSFW) The entire piece, sketch to finish, was done with .005 micron pens. The texture and gradient was created with light squiggly patterns layered and layered… and layered and layered. The whole thing took me about 32 hours beginning to end.