Fanart aRTD

A Redtail’s Dream. Gorgeous webcomic with a beautiful story! The author/artist is just finishing up her Indiegogo Campaign for the entire comic contained in a single hard cover volume as well as a fanart contest, and I couldn’t resist.



Cricket – Kirkpatrick Family Crest

So we had this funny looking little dog




So Bromantic

This is Charlie, a Jack Russel Terrier, and Bruno, a Pugle (pug/beagle mix), and they are best buds. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re pretty in love with each other.


I sketched this of the two of them hanging out together a while back when I was still working at the Doggy Daycare. Here’s another sketch I did of one of the dogs while I was working there. I’ll have to dig through my old sketchbook from then and post some of the others. I did a ton of sketches of all the dogs. I got to see many of them on a daily basis while I worked there, and after spending 5-8 hours with the same dogs every day for months, it’s hard not to start thinking of them as your own in a way. I got pretty attached!


Santa Hat

One of my latest commissions! It’s of my client’s German Shepard “Kei.” He wanted a photo booth image based off of the “Pitty Kiss” image I did a while ago. I was sent a photobucket full of images of his dog, then I picked through them until I felt like I had a good idea of what the dog looked like. I found two images that were close to the poses I used in this to use as references, then added the hat. I think it’s going to be the front of his X-mas/Holidays card this year =)


Once I have better access to printing/shipping I want to offer cards/notebooks/framed images along with commissions like this. Drawing pets is always fun, and it seems to have quite a market too!

Dog Sketch 2

Another page out of my sketchbook. The scan was pretty wonky, which is why the lines are a so hard.


I sketched this while dog/house sitting. She’s a Great Dane named Fizzlewitt doing her best to fit onto a very small chair.

Fur Suiting (MFF Day 3)

I really wanted to talk about fur suiting for this post, but I’ve been staring at my laptop screen for a good hour now and all I have is a title. I think I’m officially burnt out from the convention. It went GREAT though. I Did more sketchbooks this con than probably any other before, met some really wonderful people and made some great new connections. I was really unexpectedly surprised by the success of my table as well, considering I had so little compared to previous years.

I promise to do a much more detailed post tomorrow, on both the convention and fur suiting… although I think I may need to split that into two posts… fur suiting is…. yah.

In the mean time, a dollar sketch I did =)


About two years ago I was working at a Dog Daycare and boarding facility, and we got in one particular little dog… a miniature poodle, or at least that’s what they said. It was hard to tell what species she was, let alone breed. When I saw her my first thought was that I’d never seen a dog so old or decrepit, and that she had maybe weeks to live (I wish that were an exaggeration). She had no fur on her back and the skin there was hard and cracked, and she was so morbidly obese that her tail had been enveloped in layers of fat and her legs were bowed under the weight of herself. She couldn’t walk more then 2-3 feet on her own before having to sit down. Her eyes were glassy and had a permanent crust around them, and you couldn’t get too close to her face because her teeth were literally rotting and the smell was awful. She was in pretty bad shape.

Apparently the dog’s former owner was an elderly woman with dimensia. She would hold Cricket (the dog) all day and pet pet pet her back (which is why there was no fur). I found out later that the woman also fed Cricket from her own meals; she’d never had dog food in her life. When the woman was put into an assisted living facility the dog couldn’t come with her, so the family decided to board her with us. They spent thousands of dollars to keep her at our facility, but never bothered to take her to the vet… Needless to say I have some serious issues with how this little dog was treated, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s where the story gets a little happier. After she had been with us for a little more than three months, I approached my manager who then approached the owners and asked them if they would be willing to give Cricket away. They got back to me quickly enough and even offered to pay for her first vet bill (I think they were just happy to have a quilt-free way of getting rid of the dog).

Cricket is completely unrecognizable now, and still going strong! She’s lost most of the excess weight that she had (her tail reappeared from beneath the fat… though it’s a little crooked), although her body will always be a bit misshapen because of it, and all of the fur on her back grew back in. The vet ended up removing almost all of her teeth; she has just three left but she makes it work. She eats regular dog food now and she gets so excited about if that she jumps around when it’s breakfast/dinner time! Jumps!! For treats she eats apples too. I don’t know how with only three teeth… but like I said, she makes it work.

So anyway… TL;DR she was in pretty bad shape, but she’s living the good life now =) and look! I found a page of Cricket sketches!

Hahaha, oooh here’s a picture I found of her. Her first Halloween with us I dyed her tail pink (and a little bit of her butt and legs… she kept sitting down haha). She loved all of the extra attention she got.

Pitty Kiss

Here is the dog version of the two images I did to help promote an animal assist program. (Here’s the cat version for all you cat people out there!)

It’s loosely based off of a photograph that I found in a google image search a long time back… but I’ve never been able to find the photographer’s name or location to link back to them =/
I chose Pit Bulls for this image not just because they have the BIGGEST smiles in the world, but also specifically because of the stigma that has surrounded them these past few years.