A teeny tiny little sketch for a very big idea!



Wheatpaste Concept Sketches 2

Another concept sketch for the wheat paste I’m planning. This time I was testing out the composition, making sure the positions of the characters worked. Plus I was testing out the style. I wasn’t sure just how cartoony I wanted to go with it. I liked the look of the composition for the most part, but the fox and kids turned out too exaggerated.

A little more tweaking and it’s almost ready!

Conventions Badges

I’m leaving this afternoon for Chicago for that convention I keep talking about, and tomorrow it finally begins! The attendees of these conventions often have characters/designs that they like to show off, so a really popular selling item is Badges; small illustrations of the client’s character with their name or pseudonym largely displayed. They are then printed, laminated and cut out to create a tag or badge that can be worn and displayed as people walk around the convention. They’re fun, easy, and great advertisement! What better way to show off your work then have people wear it around? Here’s one that a client ordered in advance of this weekend’s convention, to be picked up in person, of a cute Red Panda girl.

So I already had this image printed yesterday to about the height of a pen. Then I carefully cut it out to a general shape, laminated it, and now all I have to do is attach a badge pin to finish it off. If you’re a little confused by my garbled explanation of what exactly these are, here’s another badge that I did for a convention over the summer, this time with a photo of the completed product.

There’s also this one that I did, where I was hired to take a photo of the client and turn him into a satyr!

Character Designs 1

Going through one of my old sketchbooks I found lots of drawings I did several years ago when I was working on a project with some friends of mine. Life happened and the project went to the back burner, but I still work on it from time to time. These are some of the character designs I created for it.


Another very quick doodle in between commission work. This is a little old, so you can really see the difference in the line quality compared to my recent work.

I’ve only been working digitally for a few years… so anything older than a couple years generally looks pretty rough. It took me a while to figure out pen/brush settings and how to  use my tablet to create smooth lines and line weight.

Genie Girls

This little series was inspired by some of the very cute artwork of Girls Drawin’ Girls.

This was actually a little bit of a style experiment too, especially in the expressions and proportions. I try to be expressive in my drawings, but a lot of the time, for some reason, I think I tend to I reign the faces in, or I find myself using the same expressions/faces over and over again!

Just before I did these I had also been browsing Living Lines Library and WOW I can spend hours on there going through sketches and concept artwork from just about any animated movie you can think of. It’s really fascinating seeing the early ideas for movies that we all know so well, and the character work really inspired me to work on stretching my own style a bit more.

I also used three friends of mine as a little inspiration for these =)