Keep in mind this is just a very general price list to give you an idea of what to expect from me. Prices may vary according to time estimate, difficulty and detail as well as several other factors, but I always try to be very up front and fair.


Illustration: I offer two different types of illustrations,”Character” and “Realism”, both with different price point options.


Character Illustrations:

  • “Character” Tier 1 ($75): single character, plain or no background, no props (ie: furniture, weapons, etc). Does not include any previews before illustration is completed.

  • “Character” Tier 2 ($125-$175): single character, simple background, with or without props. Includes one sketch preview.

  • “Character” Tier 3 ($150-$200): single character, detailed background, with or without props, added detail. Includes up to two sketch previews and one hard line preview.

*Additional characters are $25 each (3 or more additional characters are $20 each)


Realism Illustrations: Coming Soon


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