Old sketches

I moved! I was living just north of Puerto Vallarta MX for thw past year (already missing it a bit) but it was time for a change. I flew up to Colorado to pick up the last of my boxes and what nots that I couldn’t take with me to MX, then drove a big ass moving truck all the way from Denver to Provo (side stop to pick up a roomy) and then to Portland. I’ve been taking a little time off to do this whole move and now to unpack and get settled… and I’ve been getting distracted looking through old sketchbooks… I love looking through them, it’s like my version of journals and diaries going all the way back to elementary school! That, and I can watch the way my style has changed over the years.  It’s just so fun to flip through them! I keep getting completely sidetracked. :[


This sketch is from about 5 years ago… completely obsessed with Last Order.