and here are the colors

Yesterday I said I would go more in depth into the colors, especially of the lines, but I realized after I posted that that I couldn’t really show how or why I colored the lines the way I did until I showed ALL of the color work… right. So here she is, all done except for a few little tweaks I still need to make.


So tomorrow I’ll actually explain a bit more about the line coloring.




  1. judaket2013 · December 18, 2013

    Meg, I really enjoy and admire your work… Do you use a pen tool or brush tool for your lines? I hope you don’t mind me asking. ;)

    • bix707 · December 18, 2013

      Thank you! I use just a basic brush tool for all of my line work. I’ll go ahead and add some details about that in my next post tomorrow =)

      • judaket2013 · December 18, 2013

        Thanks for the info, really…I look forward to seeing more of your works. Very inspiring!

  2. oolung · December 18, 2013

    Nice work. I like how like, despite being obviously very sexy, her shape is actually quite realistic (voluptuous withouth being something out of a teenager’s dream, haha) ;-)

    • bix707 · December 20, 2013

      Thanks! That’s a really great compliment, it’s always what I’m aiming for =)

      • oolung · December 20, 2013

        Very healthy attitude :)

  3. lazloferran · December 18, 2013

    Lovely bit of art. Nice to see somebody taking this style and bringing into the modern age. Vargas would be proud

  4. lazloferran · December 18, 2013

    ps I agree with oolung’s comment

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