LAST DAY for pre-orders

Already?? This month just flew by. I haven’t been able to upload nearly as much as I’d like to since I’ve been working on the pre-orders for latest book (and the next… few), not to mention moving. To another country. Yikes. But it’s all starting to wrap up now. Today is the last chance to get in an order for the Art Book (see details here: LINK). Not 20 minutes ago I finally finished up all of the edits needed for the book to be print-ready, so tomorrow I’ll finally get to order the first shipment of books for all of you who’ve already purchased one! The day after that (Mon) I’ll be getting the moving truck and then it’s a few days of truckin all the way up to Portland OR. Then, finally, I’ll have a minute to breath… at least until the convention in CO at the beginning of August.

So if you’d like to squeak in at the end of the pre-order and grab yourself a copy, you can check out the link above for details, or go to the straight to the order page HERE.


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