Art Book Pre-Orders are OPEN!


The book is a little over 100 pages in full print quality color and contains over 50 illustrations on top of sketches, W.I.P.’s, and private works I’ve never published before. There is also a step by step digital art tutorial (with lots of pictures and screenshots of course) and the entire Chinese Zodiac series with their personality characteristics, dates and compatibility! YAH it’s jam packed.

For the pre-order ONLY, these books are available for $25 with no s/h fees.

I’m also offering a limited number of Special Order packages, limited because I only have 20 books of Nix Nought Nothing left in stock! The Specials will include a signed copy of the new Art of Bix707 book, a signed Nix Nought Nothing Pin Up book and each order will come with an original sketch.

The Limited Special is available for $60 *until my supply of NNN books runs out* first come, first served.

To Pre-Order:

Send your payment via Paypal to Bix707[at] ($25 for the single book, or $60 for the Limited Special) and make sure you include your shipping address and name. If you would like to order multiples, please contact me via note or e-mail first.

I will be closing preorders at the end of June. Once orders are closed, I’ll order the books from the printers and they should arrive at the end of July.

DO NOT order this if you need the books before the end of July.

Thank you guys!!! =D As always, questions or comments please contact me~~


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