Folly Preview

I don’t remember if I mentioned this here or not… I was accepted, as of the new year, as a new member of the group Girls Drawin Girls! They’re an amazingly talented group of women with gorgeous work and some very impressive resumes. I’m still trying to get over the intimidation o_o

So here’s a preview of my latest piece. If you’d like to see the rest of it, check it out on the GDG Blog.




Father/Son W.I.P.

A sketch I worked on for a bit, based off of a photograph by Robert Yager.


Slow but Sure

When working on a big project, especially one with multiple pieces like my Women of Lit book, it’s so easy to feel like you’re making little to no progress even when you know you are. It’s even easier to get frustrated enough to quit and move on to something else entirely. It may be a little thing, but what seems to help me stay motivated is taking a step back and looking at the overall progress I’ve made so far. I also try to keep each image in the project at about the same stage all the way through. While this helps me keep everything looking very similar stylistically, mostly it’s to keep my short attention span under control. With all of the images being sketched or inked or colored at the same time, it’s easy to hop between them.

Here’s my desktop and a peek at how far along I am so far with the WoL book. I’ve created .psd documents for each character, even if they’re just blank for now. You can see that I have sketches for about half of them, and all but a few of them have brief text describing what the pose/costume/scene/mood will be. A couple of the files also have reference photos in them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.07.40 PM

It may be a silly thing to do, but it honestly helps me! So long as it works, right?