Alright to recap, this mural was donated to the Kindergarten in Sayulita, Nayarit. I updated a few work in progress images and details here:

Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 3

Progress 4

Unfortunately this is on a pretty busy street, so getting a full image of the finished wall won’t happen for a while. I took a bunch of smaller photos, close up photos to make up for it. There was actually a weird kind of awkward photo shoot going on while I took these photos… Some girl in a dress too short to be called a dress getting a little too friendly with the palm tree next to my wall and about 20 people standing around watching.















And there it is! I can’t tell you how many mistakes I made while I did this, and just going back yesterday to take these photos it was a little painful not being able to go back into it and fix things…. But the everyone at the Kindergarten (especially the kids!) are really happy with it so I need to just be happy with it too. Next time I do a wall like this there will be some pretty major changes in my process though.



  1. Read Kirkpatrick · March 6, 2013

    What a great addition to the neighborhood! Something tells me Da Vinci could find some flaws in the Mona Lisa.

    Great stuff!

  2. joelrden · March 6, 2013

    I wish I could be there in person to see the kids’ reactions! I bet they are thrilled. I love seeing the finished product. The personalities of the creatures shine through wonderfully. Even a disgruntled (jealous?) jelly-fish. And that little sea horse … just perfect! Once more, thank you so much Meghan for sharing your process. Seriously. It was so much more interesting to watch it grow.

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