W.I.P. Sketch

A snapshot of what I’ve been working on this morning. Major points if you can guess what it’s from..! Here’s a clue: Salamander.



Ladies of Lit Illustrated Book wip

So I’ve decided to do a small book of illustrations (hopefully tbd before August for convention season1). The theme that I’ve settled on is “strong women of literature” and I’m trying to find more great characters. Here’s the list, in no particular order, so far:

Lisbeth Salander (Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo trilogy)
Petra Arkanian (Ender’s Game)
Pipi Longstocking
Tuon (Wheel of Time)
Daenerys Stormborn (Song of Ice and Fire)
Arya Stark (Song of Ice and Fire)
Shahrazad (1001 nights)
Nyneave al’Meara (Wheel of Time)
Lyra Silvertongue (His Dark Materials)
Faile (Wheel of Time)
Aviendha (Wheel of Time)
Valentine Wiggen (Ender’s Game)
Hua Mulan (Ballad of Mulan)
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

There are a few others that I’m still considering, but that’s the main bunch. I had to take a few names off the list too. I’ve been researching all of these characters, and some are from stories I read a long time ago… Unfortunately not all of the characters were actually a strongly written as I remembered. It’s pretty sad that I’ve been having such a difficult time finding strong female characters.

Anyway, if you guys have any more suggestions/requests/comments lay ’em on me! I want to make this book awesome so the more help and input I get, the better =)


I didn’t actually realize what day it was until someone came over and pinched me for not wearing any green. So continuing in the spirit of not being in the spirit, here’s something completely unrelated!


Seahorse Mermaid

As of the 2013 year I was accepted into a group called Girls Drawing Girls, and while it was discontinued for a while they’ve started doing Weekly Themes again. This week’s theme was Mermaids! I’ve been reading Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and just happened to stumble across the History Channel’s documentary about the first footage of Giant Squid…! That, and having just finished up my sea-themed mural… I’ve got oceans on the brain, so this just happened to be the perfect theme.

My first thought was to do a cute retro style pin up mermaid, like the ones in Disney’s Peter Pan. I love how they look (and I may still draw one…) but then I read another chapter of my book and they were talking about the deep deep sea and bio luminescence. I started thinking of a creature that could live in the deep lightless ocean, rather than a bright happy lagoon. And suddenly she went technicolor!!



I was going to give her bright blue eyes to match her fins… but she looked so sweet. With the yellow eyes she looked just a bit more predatory. Like she’s cute… but she might bite your arm off.




Alright to recap, this mural was donated to the Kindergarten in Sayulita, Nayarit. I updated a few work in progress images and details here:

Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 3

Progress 4

Unfortunately this is on a pretty busy street, so getting a full image of the finished wall won’t happen for a while. I took a bunch of smaller photos, close up photos to make up for it. There was actually a weird kind of awkward photo shoot going on while I took these photos… Some girl in a dress too short to be called a dress getting a little too friendly with the palm tree next to my wall and about 20 people standing around watching.















And there it is! I can’t tell you how many mistakes I made while I did this, and just going back yesterday to take these photos it was a little painful not being able to go back into it and fix things…. But the everyone at the Kindergarten (especially the kids!) are really happy with it so I need to just be happy with it too. Next time I do a wall like this there will be some pretty major changes in my process though.

Portrait WIP

Alright, I’ve been promising for a while that I would finally post some photos of the finished mural I did, and today I’m heading out to finally take some. For now, here’s something I started working on.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 8.17.06 AM



Just something on the side, practicing coloring and using some new brushes.