Murals and Artists

I’ve had to take some time off from this blog since I started switching over my computers. It was one of those times when just about everything that could go wrong did. I’ve got it all just about worked out now and I’m finally back to work but still playing a whole lot of catch up.

I’ve also been a little distracted lately. Festival Anonymous is in full swing and some really amazing artists have been flying in. I’ve had the chance to paint with a couple of them and it’s only whet my appetite! I found out today that there’s a chance I may even get my own sponsored wall to paint by the end of this week!! Hmmmm I’m thinking corn… lots and lots of corn. Ooh and a big huge swirly sun! Yah, I’m excited.

Ah, one more bad thing: I can’t find my camera anywhere. I’m sure it’s around somewhere, but until I find it or replace it that means I can’t update with any photos. I’ll just have to do more screenshots from my computer.


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