Festival Anonymous (let’s try this again…..)

Right, so I posted this already, but WordPress decided to back date it for whatever reason… so it didn’t show up anywhere it needed to. SO here I am posting it again. Sorry about that… I’ll have something new and interesting for tomorrow, promise!


It seemed pretty fitting to post this after talking about how inspired I’ve been by the Huichol. Here’s the proof!

I posted this image and a brief explanation of the process once before when I was first starting up this blog, and while I talked about how I created the logo, I didn’t really explain what it was all about.

Festival Anonymous is all about bringing Urban Arts to the Banderas Bay area; Music, dance, murals, graffiti, all of it! There’s already an amazing line up of artists and musicians coming in to the area, either for weekend “pop up” events or the main event, the actual Festival, on January 26-27. Many of them are well known, world wide artists that I’m dying to actually meet and watch them as they work. It’s one thing to see an artist’s work, but Anonymous is all about bringing the process right to the audience!

Here are just a few of the artists that have been confirmed:



(Wall @ Wonderwalls Wollongong)



(Collaboration with Aryz in Mexico City for All City Canvas)



Sergio Navajas


That’s only a few of the huge line up of artists involved, too. You see why I’m so excited about this? Well here’s the part were you come in.

This whole project is non-profit and it’s donations of talent, supplies, walls and $$ that are making it happen. Their Indiegogo campaign is in full gear and even if you can’t make it to the live events go spread the love! Like, share, write about it, talk about it, and donate! Donations come with swag (and good karma) if that helps =)

Support the Arts and support this project!

I didn’t even touch on the music and dance part of this event too… For more information on everything you should check out either their Facebook page, Festivalanonymous.com, or contact the organizers directly!


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