Sketchbook: “Daughter of Mnemosyne”

Every once in a while I’ll find myself about to fall asleep, just letting my mind wander… and I’ll have to jump out of bed and start scribbling away before I loose a random idea that popped into my head. I was doing just that one night when another thought came to me about the source of that inspiration (which always seems to be the best kind!). I got stuck on the idea of Muses and started sketching away.

A brief explanation of the Muses is this: They are the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (“Memory” the Titan daughter of Gaia), and they are the goddesses of Inspiration and the Arts and Sciences… Okay, technically there isn’t actually a Muse that represents the visual/fine arts since that type of artist ranked about one step below Janitor on the Ancient Greek totem pole, but we can just ignore that. There are lots of different versions of what exactly the Muses were, but my favorite version is a bit darker than the usual happy dancing Nymph. The Muses are actually slaves to their own arts and the ones to whom they give their gifts. They are sources of unending inspiration and resources, but completely unable to use those gifts for themselves. Pretty messed up, right?


So I finished sketching this, and to be honest I was never really planning on doing anything with it. See those squiggles coming from her arms? That’s my super lazy way of sketching “awesome amazing colors and designs and craziness!!” I’ve never been good at that… It’s supposed to represent the creativity literally flowing out her veins, whether she wants it to or not. Well, it just so happens I may get to do this as a big wall project in collaboration with another artist that specializes in “awesome amazing colors and designs and craziness!!” In fact, Festival Anonymous is looking into sponsoring the project, so if it goes down we’ll be documenting the whole process beginning to end and guest posting on their WordPress!


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