Platypus Painting

This is a painting that I actually did years ago. In fact, it was one of my very first paintings in acrylic! I had only really worked with watercolor before and I was having fun with the thickness of the paint. Plus I had just been talking to a friend of mine about how beautiful Australian Aboriginal art is, so I was pretty inspired. I started out with a very basic shape of a platypus and painted in some very simple shapes behind him. Then I just started to dot dot dot one at a time, little by little filling the spaces. I think it took me something like 30 hours to complete.

I love paintings that spill over the sides of the canvas. They look like they’re popping out of the frame and it makes them so much more dynamic than images that just stop at the edges. That and, while you can’t see it in the photos, the paint of the dots is actually so thick it pops right off the canvas and gives the whole thing texture.

I did a few more of these paintings after this one (an echidna, a wallaby, a kangaroo rat) but this first one is still my favorite from the series and inspired me to do a lot more work with dots, texture and pointalism.


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