Awww man, I waited to post anything this morning since I knew I was going to be doing all of my printing today for the convention this weekend. I was going to to pictures of what I had done, but I don’t have a working camera! Oops. So instead, I’ll just describe what I did… which is boring, but it’s all I got.

When I’m at conventions one of my biggest sellers is prints. They’re small, easy and inexpensive, so they’re easy to sell. Before each Con I usually print individuals of the newest images I’ve done, to add to my Print Book (a binder portfolio that customers can flip through), and I also print multiples (3-5) of prints that I expect to sell. It’s always a gamble, guessing what will and won’t be in demand. I have to keep in mind what sold from previous conventions and what images have been especially popular when I upload them online… but even then there’s never a guarantee. Sometimes it’s the popular one that sells, sometimes it’s the 5 year old doodle.

So I managed to print most of the individuals that I needed for my Book, but I had some issues with my printer. I just recently moved this summer, and while I had a great working relationship with the whole crew at my old Office Depot, I don’t have anything like that here. It took about 4 hours just to get 24 prints, and only 18 of them were usable. Some of them were cropped, most of them were far too dark, and the girl at the counter insisted there was no way to lighten them. Oh, and they were about 4 times more expensive then they ought to have been ($1.60 for just one print!). So they were busy and I was asking for a type of printing the girl wasn’t used to… so I took what I could get. Unfortunately for me that means that I have almost no extra stock for this convention, but that just means making up for it in Sketchbook commissions and coms for after-con.

The good news is, I did managed to get most of my new signs printed. All except for the big banner, which is fine since I didn’t really need it for this convention. The rest of the signs were really important, though. I’ve had this bad habit of not making my prices clear enough, and of scribbling down last minute signs at convention… which is really unprofessional! So I finally fixed that. I have a nice new price list, complete with example images, signs for sketchbook commission status, I even made little signs for “sold out” or “unavailable”, and all of them are laminated too. Hopefully they’ll be able to last me for a while!

I leave for Chicago tomorrow at five… I really ought to go pack all of this stuff up =S



One comment

  1. Miranda · November 15, 2012

    Good Luck! How exciting :)

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