Owl Necklace Collaboration

I was talking to one of my best friends several years ago, about doing a collaboration piece for an upcoming convention where we’d both be selling. She is an amazingly talented jeweler and textile artist and I had always wanted to find a way to combine our skills somehow. It was a little bit of a challenge considering how different our mediums are… but two pieces of pie and three pots of coffee later we had sketched up a very cool idea. My part was five small connecting watercolor paintings of an owl, which I then gave to my friend. She somehow (I have no idea how she does what she does!) turned them into a necklace using beautiful delicate woven silver with teeny tiny little red beads for accents, to match the accents in the painting.

The necklace sold right away, so it was definitely a success. Neither of us have been able to do any collaborations since, but I can’t wait for our next one =)


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