Japan Trip Day 6

Today we got up super early. We knew we were leaving for Osaka in the afternoon, but we wanted to squeeze just a little more time in to see more of Kyoto. We hopped a city bus and about 45 minutes later we were at Kinkakuji. Another very well known, iconic temple, and well worth the trip.

The upper floors are covered in gold leaf. This is because (at least as I understand it) the upper floors hold the actual shrines, and the gold leaf is to represent on the exterior a reflection of what is held within. I haven’t had any time to color adjust any of my photos, so it’s a bit difficult to see just how beautiful this shrine really is, but here’s a link to a much better image if you’re curious.

After a short walk through the grounds there are lots of food vendors, so we each bought a few snacks. There were even special Kinkakuji Dango with gold flakes! They were delicious. (The other ones there are chocolate covered)

After we’d munched a bit we walked out of the shrine and… got more food! There was a very cute little Udon shop just across the street and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

After we’d stuffed ourselves we hopped back on the bus to our hotel, then hiked over to the JR terminal to hop back on the Shinkansen, this time for Osaka. I remembered to snag a photo this time =)

We were really hoping to get to Osaka in time to go see a movie that we had both been looking forward to (るろうに剣心 RurouniKenshin), but it was a bit of a scramble just to find our hotel and then the theatre… It was actually connected to Shin-Osaka subway station which is massive and crazy. So we found the theatre to hopefully see the movie the next day, then found a little Okonomiyaki place nearby. YUM!! Okonomiyaki is one of my favorite things and Osaka is the place to get it.



  1. Mustang.Koji · November 4, 2012

    That’s a small okonomiyaki! Just kidding! What did you have in it?

    • bix707 · November 4, 2012

      Haha uuuuuum lol I don’t actually remember what I ordered. I was so excited I just found the first one on the menu that looked good and pointed..!
      Tako maybe? No… I’ll remember later when I’m not trying to.

      • Mustang.Koji · November 5, 2012

        My dad’s side of the family are from Hiroshima. They CLAIM to be the city with the BEST okonomiyaki. LOL

      • Lan · November 27, 2013

        Think it was just beef or something similar. I just remember pointing to a picture on the menu and not actually reading what it said. We can’t remember probably because we were so tired and hungry and we devoured the thing so fast or at least I did. I want more of that plume wine we had that dinner. T.T

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