Japan Trip Day 1

So every trip, especially long ones, has to have at least a little bit of bad luck mixed in with the good… It’s better to just get the bad luck out of the way asap, right? Well yesterday was just one of those days! At the risk of sounding like I’m complaining, let me just list the things that went wrong: I got no sleep the night before, I overslept in the morning, I had to print some documents but the printer was broken, there was a baby on the plane… I had to take a taxi to the nearest Apple store to fix my brand new broken ipod so I’d have music on the flight the next day, my card was refused in the taxi so I had to underpay the poor guy with all of my cash, and then it was just lots of frustrating waiting and lugging around my dirty old backpack and duffel through a mall and trying to get the ipod fixed and… yah. It was a little stressful! But here’s where it gets good (honestly actually).

When I finally arrived at the little hotel… all of the lights were off… I walked inside (the taxi driver was very nice and insisted on waiting for me to make sure I’d be okay) and a very frustrated woman at the counter gave me the brush off; told me their power was out, they had no lights, keys, computers, so she couldn’t even check me in to get me in a room. I would have just walked to the place across the street but I had already prepaid for the room. Oops. So I walk out to the courtyard and find a seat by the pool, and watched the other hotel residents wandering around with all of their phones for light (it was pitch black!). The lights flickered a bit every now and then, but still nothing a half hour later and I was getting a little chilly and a little tired of waiting around so I pick up my things and start wandering, and I’m so glad I did. I walked down this amazingly scary pitch black tunnel of a hallway into the back corner of the hotel where it looked like there was actually a little light… and walked in on the best thing I’ve seen in ages.

There were about 10 people, all huddled together at a bar with five or six little tea candles scattered around for light, and as I walked in everybody looked up with the biggest drunken grins. So I sat down, ordered a beer and introduced myself. There was a denim salesman, a Columbian, two men from Jerusalem (one claimed to be Jesus’ next door neighbor, apparently they lived on the same block) a magician, a grumpy Englishman, a middle aged stripper from Florida, and three musicians.

The lights finally came back on around midnight and everybody let out a disappointed “awww”. The party broke up soon after that and I finally got checked into my room, which was actually surprisingly nice.

Then there’s just one more piece of very very bad luck. My friend who will be meeting me in Japan… missed her connecting flight… So while I will arrive in about 13 hours (I’m waiting to board the plane right now!), my poor friend won’t be getting there until tomorrow afternoon.

So that’s all the bad luck one trip needs right? No more? Please? I need to go buy some good luck temple charms asap. o_o


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