Leaving for Japan

As of 5pm today I’ll be on my way to Tokyo, Japan where I’ll be busting ass to see everything I possibly can for the next two weeks! I head out from Puerto Vallarta to LAX where I get to spend the next seventeen hours…! There weren’t a whole lot of choices when I bought my tickets so it was either do the horribly long layover on the way there or on the way back. From there it’s a 12 hour flight to Narita where I’ll be meeting one of my best friends who will be with me through the whole trip.

Our schedule is pretty cram packed. We both realized that this kind of trip wasn’t going to happen again any time soon for either of us, so we went all out in our plans to make the most of our time there.

Here’s the game plan:

Tokyo -> Izu (Arai Ryokan and hot springs) -> Kyoto -> Osaka -> Koya-san (in the mountains east of Osaka) -> Tokyo

I had this whole long winded explanation of each place we were going, how we were getting there and what we’d be seeing all typed out… but I realized it was just my nerves getting the better of me. I am packing super light since we’ll be moving around so much but I am bringing my laptop with me, so hopefully (maybe) I can actually post pictures/drawings/updates while I’m there. I’m not expecting to be able to post every day like I normally do, but for my sake if nothing else, it would be great to have a sort of travelog record of this trip.

The week after I get back from Japan I’m flying out again, this time to Chicago for a convention. I somehow managed to pull together a plane ticket and last minute room/board to get there, so hopefully with that trip I’ll be able to make some money instead of just spending it! (I’ll need it….)


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