Cicada Moon

I just recently moved this summer, and I was surprised by the amount of Cicadas we have here every night. Right around sunset they start up and they can be so loud they drown out every other sound. There have been more then a few times that I’ve had to put my head phones on just to hear something on my computer! Not that I mind, though… I’ve always thought that cicadas sound a lot like rain sticks, and it’s a very soothing noise. That, and they’re really cool little bugs. When I lived in Florida as a kid we would search around the trunks of trees and find these perfect little discarded skins still clinging to the bark.

Wow… I just did a little quick researching on Cicadas; apparently there are some species that are so loud they can permanently deafen a human if they’re close enough o_o



  1. orisianova · October 19, 2012

    gorgeous, this would look awesome as a stained glass piece too.

    • bix707 · October 19, 2012

      o_o Oh man, now I wish I had my stained glass supplies down here!!

  2. joelrden · October 19, 2012

    This is beautiful. And ditto “orisianova”. But … what is a rain stick?

    • bix707 · October 19, 2012

      Here’s a cool little video I found about them. I’m sure you’ve seen them before in nick nack stores and gift shops.

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