Paper Mache

It’s early October and everyone is starting to seriously plan their Halloween costumes, so yesterday we had a little paper mache party (three of us sitting on the floor covered in flour paste). I won’t be around for Halloween this year so I wasn’t worried about making anything I’d actually wear… so the pressure was off and I went a little crazy! I’ve been planning out a big Wheat Paste project and it has to do with Kitsune masks, so I already had them on the brain with all the sketching I’ve been doing lately. I just didn’t realize the amount of work one little fox mask would be.

So far I have all of the parts (two ears, nose, mask base) wired with the paper mache base around them and dried, but the weight of the ears and nose are going to pull on the base mask so much that I realized I’m going to have to make a small frame to go inside the mask, then wired the attachments on after building up another few layers of the mask. Then there’s the molding. The nose I made is in a general fox-like shape, but if I just stuck it on the face as is it’d end up looking more like some weird growth. After the nose is wired to the face, I’ll have to use loose strips of paper to create more of a gradual slope to the nose, and that means a lot more layer building too.

Here’s a bottom view of the pieces so far.

And a top view with my cat giving you a size reference =)

The mask looks like a Luchador mask… but the opening that looks like a mouth will be covered up by the big nose once the frame is done. I’m definitely doing the shape of this mask non traditionally. Usually you see Kitsune masks with human shaped faces (just with ears), or with very small delicate noses, but the way I’m going to paint this needs a large nose piece since it’s going to have a big exaggerated grinning face.

So hopefully I won’t loose steam on this… It’s hard to keep motivated on a project when it still looks ugly haha.


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