“I Like Turtles.”

I get most of my best ideas late (LATE) at night, usually as I’m drifting off to sleep and letting my mind wonder. Last year I had children’s books on the brain, and an idea popped into my head of the story of a sea turtle. It was one of those great moments where the whole thing appeared in my mind as a complete story, so I jumped out of bed, grabbed the nearest pen and paper and scribbled the whole thing down. For the next few weeks I was just a little obsessed with drawing/painting/creating turtles.

This was one of the paintings I did. It’s acrylic on canvas and the golds and silvers are metallic. I watered down the silver in the blue background so that from certain angles the swirls disappear and reappear again when you move around it.

I love paintings that really show the brush strokes and use globs of paint that reach right off the canvas. If you look at this one from the side you can see how much the paint stands up, especially the dots in the swirls and around the turtle. Okay… you can’t really see it in the photo, sorry =/

I did another much larger version in the same style, but never had time to finish it. The shape of the turtles is carved out of the paint, so it’s actually just light and shadows that create the shape rather than paint. I used two photos here so you can actually see the difference in the paint as it moves. The red of the shells has a metallic gold mixed into it, so as you move around it there is a lot of change in the colors!

To wrap up this post… well, I think this little boy says it best.



  1. joelrden · October 3, 2012

    I have a thing for turtles, so this was a neat post for me. You just HAD to tweak us at the end, didn’t you!

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