Beach Sketching

I have this habit of sketching people wherever I go. Usually I’m pretty good at hiding it, but every once in a while I get caught staring at somebody, or someone notices my drawings and it can be a little awkward. Especially when they want to see what I’m doing…! I don’t sketch people “pretty”, or at least I never make any real effort to, so they’re often disappointed (sometimes even offended!) by what they see. So I’ve become pretty good at lurking…

Hahaha I loved this sketch… she looks like a drunken passenger on a magic carpet. I should put some stars around her and give her Jasmine’s harem pants.

This was a father taking his daughter out into the water for a closer look at some of the boats tied up just off shore. The beach in this area drops of so steeply that even fairly large passenger boats can anchor very close to the beach.

Palm trees on the shore.


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